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Be friendly with the mountain

The desire that encourages us is to be friendly with the Mount, that is, that our actions do not harm or interfere with the natural phenomena that captivate us so much.
An example: the Guanaco (Lama guanicoe) has an adaptation on its legs (pads) that allows it to enter Las Vegas at high altitude, drink and eat from them, without damaging them. This adaptive phenomenon is known as part of co-evolution, that is, it is about organisms that have coexisted for millions of years, exchanging and feeding back with the environment so that life is possible. Organisms “perceive and understand” the environment by adapting to it. In the same way, the Yareta (Lareta acaulis) has hidden its trunk -under the foliage of its branches and underground- as an adaptive strategy to the environmental conditions of the high-Andean region.
We have not co-evolved with the Mountain, however through our understanding and through our emotions we may be able to connect and understand this natural environment in which we like to be. This is our challenge today.

  • The APA! It has been concretizing for several seasons an Environmental Plan arising from the emotions and understanding of its members towards the environment, and this is a good time to strengthen it and strengthen ourselves in it, these are their actions:
  • Garbage collection and removal.
  • Separation of organic and inorganic waste, promoting the dehydration of the organic and the reduction of its volume.
  • Dry toilets by incorporating sawdust.
  • Greywater filtering pools.

Let’s see some of the needs:

  • Contamination with excrement from the high altitude camps and the base camps. Infiltration of pee and poop that drips from the bins onto the moraine and the permafrost. Frozen droppings and papers at height.
  • Residues in the high altitude camps and in low areas where the wind deposits them.
  • Modification of the landscape through the construction of shelters. It is one of the most precious conservation values ​​of the Aconcagua Provincial Park: the landscape of the highest mountain in the West that must be preserved according to its powerful and indomitable manifestation. To this item we must add the need to remedy the environmental liability that the destroyed shelters constitute (Colombia, Hotel, Antártida Argentina, Independencia).
  • Restoration of Vegas impacted by man and by exotic species (mules, etc.)
  • Repopulation of extinct guanacos in the Quebradas del Parque by man.
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