Porteadores Aconcagua APA

A.P.A history

The first porters worked independently, dictated their own rules, managed their logistics and entered the Horcones and Vacas ravine in summer, settling with their tents and equipment in the base camps and offering their portering service to whoever I would like to save effort in his ascent to the summit.

As the Aconcagua park gained relevance worldwide in economic, tourist, etc. The provincial state of Mendoza, together with the business sector, activated regulations and imposed restrictive measures on suitable high-mountain workers, excluding them. In 2005, the Directorate of Renewable Natural Resources (DRNR) BY RESOLUTION 1332 modifies the regulations for the use of the Aconcagua Provincial Park, according to which since then the carrier is prohibited from working independently and can only enter the park through the payroll of employees of a company, this measure made the carrier’s business significantly precarious, adding a great series of abuses on the part of the employer.

Seeing all this, the workers concerned about their precarious work situation began to meet, several years passed until in the 2008-2009 season the general assembly was held during the season in which more than 60 porters from different companies attended and agreed. agreement to create an institution that would give union and strength to independent work. On June 22, 2009, the founding assembly was held to give legal start to the legal person, that day 44 people signed the founding act giving the newly created APA its statute and the 1st board of directors approved unanimously. In the summer of 2009 -2010, after a long management and commitment, the APA set up its own camp for the first time in the mule square.

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