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What is a porter?

The porters and porters are people experienced in mountain activities who play a vital role in the development and success of the expeditions. Its traditional function is to carry the packages on their backs of the mountaineers who aspire to conquer the top (or summit) of Aconcagua. Transferring personal loads (sleeping bag, tents, clothing, double boots, crampons, etc.) and those of the expedition such as kitchen utensils, food, and sometimes water, etc. to the high altitude camps. The carrier travels the same routes as the expeditionary, but ahead of the group.
For the expeditionary, saving energy and concentrating on his expedition is essential, for which the logistical support of a porter is necessary, who is in charge of the prudent transfer of loads and ascent logistics, while the expeditionary fulfills his objective.
It is an activity with great physical demands and mental resistance that also requires experience, equipment and knowledge to perform regularly in situations of potential risk inherent in the mountains.

... but, what is the APA?

The Association of Porters of Aconcagua (APA!) is a self-managed collective and assembly of mountain workers and athletes, specifically dedicated to this crucial service to expeditions: porterage.
In 2009, the nature of a non-profit Civil Association was acquired, a milestone that materialized the efforts and dreams of the movement’s pioneers who had spontaneously begun to meet and organize some time before, since in the Provincial Park the figure as a freelance porter (a person who works on his own) was going to disappear and as a way of fighting against unfair work situations.
Since its inception, its objectives and mission have been clearly outlined: its vocation to unite and defend this very particular mountain trade; his appreciation for Nature, manifested in actions for being friendly to the environment; and a new and own identity as mountaineers.
The APA! It is also -in its mission, in a broader and ultimate sense- the collective construction of many male and female companions for leaving open in this Sacred Mount a space of freedom and emancipation for future generations, a testimonial space that forms of horizontal, assembly and productive human organization.

APA camps

We have two base camps, one in Plaza Argentina and one in Plaza de Mulas, both plots located in front of the Park Ranger space, where we receive our clients and manage the logistics related to portage.

Plaza Argentina

Plaza de Mulas


The porters men and porters women are people who dedicate our lives to the mountains, we are passionate about feeling immersed in them and transiting them regularly. Carrying out the different activities, which make us more versatile mountaineers. We also constantly train ourselves to self-manage the safety and that of our colleagues, in turn we take care of our families and we have a great commitment to environmental conservation.