2009- 2019

Celebrating 10 years of self-managed work in Aconcagua

The first porters used to work independently, establishing their own rules, organizing their logistics and getting into Horcones and Vacas gorges during summer time. They used to set up their tents and equipment in the base camps and offered their services to those who wanted to save energies during their ascent to the summit.

As Aconcagua Mountain Park started acquiring significant relevance across the globe thanks to the economic and touristic activities, the government of the Province of Mendoza, together with the business sectors, promoted new regulations and imposed restrictive measures against the skilled workers of our high mountains, which ended up excluding them. In 2005, the Administration of Renewable Natural Resources (Dirección de Recursos Naturales Renovables, DRNR), under legal resolution 1332, modified the regulations related with the use of Aconcagua Provincial Park which banned porters from working independently, and entrance was permitted only to those included within a company’s payroll. This action jeopardized their work, and they started suffering from labor abuse by companies who worked in the area.

Since then, workers were worried for their precarious working situation and began meeting regularly. Many years passed, and during 2008/2009 season, the first General Assembly finally took place. More than 60 porters from different companies attended the meeting and agreed to create an institution that would join them together and help them reinforce their independent work. On June 22nd, 2009, a founding assembly was carried out to give rise to our legal entity, and 44 persons signed the founding deed granting the newly created APA its statute and its first Board of Directors approved by unanimity. During the summer of 2009/2010, after a long management process together with a huge compromise, the APA association set up their own camp for the first time in Plaza de Mulas.


  1.  APA 's legal status
  2.  Advocating dignified work
  3. Active help during emergency rescues
  4. Keeping autonomy and conquering independence in our work
  5.  Confronting bidding procedures and all kinds of working exclusion
  6. Contributing to the organization of Aconcagua Mountain Park
  7. Protecting the environment